The concept, MicroChurch, brings the church back home among the people. Here you can expect to encounter God as you connect with friends in the intimacy of your home. Whether your aim is to offer a safe space for friends you wouldn’t usually feel comfortable inviting to a corporate celebration service, or if you just want to connect with your regular church family in the comfort of your home, MicroChurch is for you.



What exactly is MicroChurch?

MicroChurch is just a fancy word for church on a smaller scale. On Sundays when we  fill our auditorium with people we have MacroChurch, it is a gathering with hundreds of people. A MicroChurch can consist of two or more people in someone’s home, at the caravan where you are camping or even at a restaurant where a few of you are enjoying a breakfast.

What is the difference between MicroChurch and Life Groups? Is there a difference?

The main idea of a LifeGroup is to get together and go deeper into the Sunday sermon, pray for each other and grow together spiritually and in relationship. Some LifeGroups eat a meal together and operate like a family. That is pretty much the idea behind a MicroChurch. The big difference is that you can choose to do your MicroChurch with different people at different times, whereas a LifeGroup is the same group of people meeting in an allocated timeslot. Another difference is that you don’t have to register your MicroChurch at Oakhill, you can just casually get together with people and do church as  it suits you. If you have a dedicated group of people doing MicroChurch you will probably turn into a LifeGroup anyway.

What will we do at a MicroChurch?

The idea behind MicroChurch is watching the Sunday service online (at a time that suits you) with the people you choose to host. This can pave the way for connection and intimacy with  each other in your church experience. In Matthew 18:20 Jesus said  where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” Watching a service online with other people can lead to a discussion which opens the doors for further revelation. There can be opportunities where people can be vulnerable and they can receive prayer. An addition to this would be to challenge or encourage each other to watch the 5-minute extra material midweek or whenever to keep the Word fresh in you. We also encourage people to  enjoy a meal together.  Consider the life of Jesus. He always bonded with people over a meal, and out of experience we know it works well. MicroChurch can help kids to watch Oakhill Kids together and it adds to their experience instead of it feeling like homework.

Can anyone join a MicroChurch? Do I have to be part of your church?

This  question will feature a lot around MicroChurch: There are no rules just options.

  • Anyone can invite people to their home and have MicroChurch.
  • You don’t have to invite the same people every Sunday if that is what you prefer
  • You don’t have to do this on Sundays if you prefer other days.
  • If you want communication and guidance , you can register your MicroChurch at Oakhill, but you don’t have to.
  • You can start a MicroChurch anywhere in the world.
  • You can eat together or not.
  • You don’t have to be part of a MicroChurch, but be responsible and surround yourself with fellow believers.
How many people can go to one MicroChurch? Is there a limit?

There  are no limitations on how many or little people you want to host at your MicroChurch.

If I don’t live locally [in Durbanville], can I start my own MicroChurch in my town?

This  question will feature a lot around MicroChurch: There are no rules, only options.

You can start a MicroChurch anywhere anytime, and remember if you need or want us to help you, you can register with Oakhill, though you don’t have to.

Can MicroChurchs happen at any time in the week or does it have to happen on a Sunday?

This question will feature a lot around MicroChurch: There are no rules  only options.

Any day and any time that will suit the group of people you choose to host.


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